Former Vatican Bank chief: 'Authors of New World Order planned the demographic collapse of the West'

ROME, July 7, 2018.— The demographic collapse of the West in recent decades was planned in order to create the necessary conditions to usher in a New World Order, and the authors of this collapse are now influencing the Vatican at the highest levels, Ettore Gotti Tedeschithe former president of the Vatican bank has said.

Speaking at the first international conference of the John Paul II academy for human life and the family, Italian economist and banker Ettore Gotti Tedeschi said efforts to decrease the world’s population by globalist elites have set in motion a series of predictable and intended economic, geo-political, and social catastrophes meant to “persuade” people around the world to accept a global “political vision” that would eliminate national sovereignty and institute “gnostic environmentalism” as its “universal religion.”

The recurrent themes of the present papacy are poverty, immigration and the environment, and we are led to believe that these are caused by “the greed of bankers,” war and man, the “cancer of nature,” he said. But this is “fake news” according to Gotti Tedeschi. For him, the cause behind all of these scourges is the “collapse in births.”

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The growing transatlantic rift – The Western alliance is in trouble

That should worry Europe and the rest of the World

Jul. 14.– America did as much as any country to create post-war Europe. In the late 1940s and the 1950s it was midwife to the treaty that became the European Union and to NATO, the military alliance that won the cold war. The United States acted partly out of charity, but chiefly out of self-interest. Having been dragged into two world wars, it wanted to banish Franco-German rivalry and build a rampart against the Soviet threat. After the Soviet collapse in 1991, the alliance anchored democracy in the newly liberated states of eastern Europe.

Today, however, America and Europe are separated by a growing rift. The mood before the NATO summit in Brussels on July 11th and 12th is poisonous. As President Donald Trump accuses the Europeans of bad faith and of failing to pull their weight, they accuse him of crass vandalism.

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Celebrating the idea of America: The ever-evolving dream of a free society

The American dream is a unique constitutional experience and the US Constitution has so far held for 242 years

Washington, DC, July 5.– Americans celebrate the independence which falls on 4 July every year in the grandest Celebrating the Independence in front of the Capitolform surpassing all other celebrations. It represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of an independent nation which eclipsed into a major economic and military power in the world. Not only did America become an iconic country, it also introduced its system of governance across the world. The American dream is a unique constitutional experience and the US Constitution has so far held for 242 years. This is a truly unique constitution that guarantees the freedoms of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to all Americans.

The founding fathers of America attempted to create a government that was rooted in liberal and democratic values. The underlying rational of the American Revolution was liberty. Founders realised that once the government is elected it must have the wherewithal to run the government. It was therefore imperative that the government must be elected by a popular vote.

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Surprise summit in militaristic Eritrea could bring peace to Horn of Africa

In this grab taken from video provided by ERITV, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, centre right, is welcomed by Eritrea's President Isaias Afwerki as he disembarks the plane, in Asmara, Eritrea, July 8, 2018. With laughter and hugs, the leaders of long-time rivals Ethiopia and Eritrea met for the first time in nearly two decades Sunday amid a rapid and dramatic diplomatic thaw aimed at ending one of Africa’s longest-running conflicts. The Associated PressEthiopians could scarcely believe their eyes. After two decades of proxy wars and military tensions across a tightly sealed border, their Prime Minister was suddenly being cheered by tens of thousands of ecstatic people in the streets of their former enemy, Eritrea.

The dramatic scenes on Sunday, broadcast live in both countries, were evidence of a historic rapprochement. It was the beginning of a peace summit that could bring huge benefits to the economy and security of one of Africa’s most war-ravaged regions, easing its refugee exodus and transforming the strategic map of the entire Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia’s young reformist leader, Abiy Ahmed, flew into the capital of Eritrea on Sunday morning for a visit that stunned people in the two countries. While the visit had been rumoured for weeks after lower-level meetings, it still astonished those who have endured nearly 20 years of cold war and conflict.

Mr. Abiy later announced that the former foes will normalize their relations, allowing visits and economic links for the first time since the 1990s.

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German government survives for now, but the future of Schengen remains in question

Seehofer stays as Interior Minister. Angela Merkel reaches a deal on asylum-seekers to keep her government together, but the agreement does not so much resolve the underlying dispute, as displace it. Merkel vs Seehofer

Berlin, Jul. 3.– At points in recent days, any compromise between Angela Merkel and the Christian Social Union (CSU), the conservative Bavarian sister party to her Christian Democrats (CDU), seemed impossible. Perhaps with an eye to her legacy as a guardian of the multilateral international order, the chancellor insisted that unilateral German action to turn back asylum-seekers registered in other EU states could trigger a wave of such actions from other countries, imperilling Europe’s notionally border-free Schengen zone. Horst Seehofer, the CSU interior minister, insisted that only this measure could prevent such immigrants from becoming Germany’s responsibility. Room for a deal between these two positions seemed scarce.

But last night they found it. Having been urged to find common ground at a meeting of MPs from the two parties on Monday afternoon, and by Wolfgang Schäuble, the Bundestag president, former finance minister and something of a broker between the two sides, Mrs Merkel and Mr Seehofer sat down together, flanked by allies, at around 5pm.

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